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A Scalable
Farming Platform

With the SXN token get exposure to a diversified portfolio of projects across multiple chains.

Learn more about Six Capital over at our GitBook.

High Yield Rewards

Unbeatable Yield Potential

Invest in-to Six Capital’s Financial multi-chain yield-farming platform.


Six Capital aims to combine the returns from investments selected by the community, and redistribute the return to you.

Hassle Free Investing

Six Capital network introduces a one stop place for investors to invest in high yield generating protocols.

Secure the Future

By joining the Six Capital network, you join forces with other investors, pooling your resources to generate high-return rewards.

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Governance Arms Race

Protocol Token Acquisition

Six Capital uses its treasury to buy valuable governance tokens on the XDC network. This generates value for Six Token (SXN) holders and grants controlling voting over influential protocols.


The Process

How To Start a Yield Box 

Start earning rewards with the Six capital platform.

Purchase $XDC

Purchase $XDC on any exchange of your choice.

$XDC to XDCPay

Transfer $XDC to your XDCPay wallet.

$XDC to $SXN

Swap $XDC for $SXN on XSPSwap.

Create Yield box

A Six Capital yield box costs 10 $SXN.


Frequently Asked Questions

Six Capital is a multi-blockchain project built on the XDC Network (XDC). We aim to make an innovative step forward for investors to pool resources together to invest into projects built on XDC Network & DeFi projects.

Platform Launch: TBA

The APY will vary depending on your investment, however it will be up-to 180% APY of your investment. Learn more about how Yield Boxes work.

You can purchased $SXN from Coming Soon.

Get Involved with the Community

Join the Discord to keep upto date with the latest announcements and talk with other like mind investors.